Monday, August 31, 2009

20 Weeks to Disney

First official training run done! It was to be 35 minutes. I figured, I wanted to do ~2.18 miles - that would be 35 minutes at the Disney 16 minute/mile pace. I ended up doing 2 miles in 32:45. So, I was a little over. At 38 minutes, I slowed down to finish the rest of the training as a cool down to get home for only 4 minutes. I am feeling the lack of post run real stretching today.
I almost forgot I had quadricepts! They are reminding me they exist today.
Other than that, it was a good first time out in a while. I have been walking the dog, but not really pushing myself. Now, with training, I am going to be pushing myself all the time.

I forgot how mental running is though. Some folks love to run because it gives them time to think. Some folks love to run because they can just run and don't have to think. I hate running. I did my "run" and when I got to the top of the hill near my house, I was at 38 minutes, and started crying. I was exhausted, and felt good that I had done what I needed to do, so of course I had to cry! Stupid running. That happens to me at the end of a good run.

Stupid running.

And now, I am psyched to do the second day of training - REST DAY. Woo hoo!