Monday, October 20, 2008

Comparing old posts

Tracie - YOU ROCK!!! I took your advice, and went back to old posts, and then went back to look at previous race results. Here is the break down:

Feb 2 - 54:48. That was the first 5K and M&A were with me that day.
Feb 9 - 44:00. I joined the running club that day.
March 22 - 43:36.
March 29 - 42:37.
Then the race moved to another town over the summer, and I never made it to there.

October 18 - 37:59. M&An were with me that day. I also forgot how much I like to do the runs there. I need to go more often.

When I got to the t=-20weeks, I started a training plan, and I said that I wouldn't change it. I did move the rest day to Tuesday from Monday because of soccer, but I am pretty much sticking to mileage and cross train days. However, I think I need to make a change:

I think I need to move my long runs to Sundays so I can run the 5K's on Saturday. 5K is not the 4-6 miles that I am supposed to do on non-long run or non-cross training days, but the running club folks give me desire to run and do well. Also, I RAN most of the course. Given that the average speed was 12:15, and my one mile runs are 12:30, I really gave a lot to the course.

I think it will help keep my desire up, and it really pushes me to increase my speed. I am not really looking to speed the marathon, but the speed worked slightly different muscles, and I will need every muscle I can get.

What do you think? I am not trying to avoid doing 4-6 mile runs by replacing them with a 3.1 miler, but rather I am trying to boost my overall endurance.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

5K - CMS Fall

A, M, and I ran the CMS weekly 5K this weekend. It was great. I beat my previous time, and really pulled through strong in very last stretch. I did want a nap later in the day though. I did the 5K in 37:59, so about 12:15 minute miles sustained for three miles. I didn't do my 6 mile run yesterday, but today I will get out there and go for a longer time.

I did go to the gym on Monday to learn to use the equipment, and then I went back on Thursday and used it on my own. It was nice - I think I have the right weights. Friday I was a little sore - but it was more that the muscles were tired. If I'd lifted any more, they would have hurt.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Longest "Run" yet...

Saturdays are my long run days. I had to do 110 minutes this past Saturday. I rounded to 2 hours, and figured I needed to go 7.5 miles. (That's 3.75 mph, or 16 minute miles.) Well, the dog got off the leash in the middle, and I had a 20 minute stint in the middle where I went only 0.5 miles - in circles looking for the dog. My hubby called to say the dog was home, without his leash, and he wanted to be sure I was ok. So, I did my last 45 minutes by myself, carrying the dog leash. I am sure I was a sight. I hit the 7 mile mark at 1:59. I was pretty happy with that. So, it wasn't Disney time, but it was ok by me.

Also, I realized later that night that I hadn't needed a nap during the day to make up for the running. When I started all this, a 5K would knock me out for a couple hours in the afternoon.

Then, the next day, I did 4 miles in 58:00. That is AOK by me. I was even more excited by that run. I didn't need a nap later in the day, but I was ready to go to bed at 7pm.

I am off to the gym today to learn to use the weight equipment. It's my first trip to the gym (other than the tour I got when I signed up).

Monday, October 6, 2008

Dropped a size!

Ok - I don't have lots of time to blog, so I am trying to keep them all short. It means, I am on the third one in a row, but at least they are getting out there.

I went shopping for jeans, and I bought (becuase they fit) a size 20 pair. I have been wearing my size 24 and 26 pants and shorts. I have gotten frustrated because they are too loose, and annoying to roll up. Well, now I have a pair that fits correctly. And, it is in a size that I haven't been since college. I need to spend time throwing out the pairs that are too big. I don't want to have "fat pants" around - unless they are these size 20's in a month. :-)

Also, I was going to get a new running shirt. I have been using a tank top, but it is getting cold now. I tried on the man's 1X shirt, and it fits ok. It is grey. I didn't buy it then, but was planning to get it later this week. Well, I put on the pink shirt that my sisters and brother got at a marathon expo earlier this year. I'd worn it before, but it was a little too tight for my liking. Well, it is loose enough now that I don't feel so noticeable in it. With the Enell, it is obvious that I have a straight jacket on under my shirt, no matter what. But now the shirt doesn't show the outlines of the hooks. I know - the shirt could have stretched out in the 5-10 times I have worn and washed it. But, I am going with the idea that I shrunk. And, it wasn't even in the dryer!

I also bought some womens 1X shirts today. They are cute, and were on clearance. I tried on the 4X that I used to wear, and it was a tent on me. I loved it. I tried the 2X (which is what I have been wearing), and it was too large as well. The 1X doesn't look tight.

OK - that is my non-running blog today. But, life is a matter of balancing it all.

My Brother is Amazing

My Brother, B, ran the Maine Marathon yesterday. He is amazing! He is working towards the Goofy in January. Pretty amazing guy. I was able to run with him the last five miles or so yesterday. It was an incredible experience. Just what I needed to keep me on track with my training. I think I surprised my mom - I was able to keep up with him for the last five miles. But, I was hurting by the end. Not because of the run and muscles, but my under garments. I had not thought ahead and didn't plan to run with him. I just joined him at mile 21, and he let me keep going with him. I was wearing a regular underwire bra, and by the end, I was blistered and weepy. I am alergic to the underwire, and it is exacerbated when the area gets sweaty. (Does anyone else where a bra sock?) Well, it was hot, and I was keeping up with a guy- so I was sweaty. Oh well - I got my scheduled run in and had fun. Oh, B may not want to see that the post entitled "Amazing Brother" talks about sweaty boobs and bras. LOL

He finished well before the cut off time, and he is doing ok today. I loved that every hill we went up, he said under his breath, "this hill sucks". I didn't even notice one was a hill until he said it. Of course, I had only gone a mile, and he'd done 22 miles. I am sure he noticed every turn and bank of the road by then.

I was pretty happy to hear that I kept up the five miles at a pace less than 16 minute per mile for each mile. That makes me happy, because I am aiming for 16 min/mil at Disney. Also, I'd done a 45 minute stint in the pool with my son before the run, and another 45 minutes in the pool after the run. I slept well last night. I hope B slept well - not too many cramps.

Bra Miles

It is hard to blog when you are training. Also, my son has started first grade, so there is PTO and Cub Scouts (we are the den parents for Tiger den #2). Anyway, I was thinking during my run today, I know roughly how many miles I have on my shoes, and it should be the combination of the two pair is the miles on my sports bra. Is there a limit on the bra? I know to start looking for new shoes at ~300-500 miles (I am heavy, so closer to the 300). But, what of the bra? I suppose I will notice? Ok, that was where my mind wandered today.