Monday, July 27, 2009

Beach To Beacon...?

I am excited to see my brother and sisters this weekend. They are going to run the beach to beacon. I have to tell my quick training update. For supper on Friday, my husband baked bacon to have BLTs. My son liked it so much, he had him make more bacon for Sunday morning breakfast. So, for two times this weekend, I ran the Beach to Bacon! (It was good incentive to move faster...)

Also this weekend, I wrote out the training plan in the calendar. I know the 20 weeks from the marathon date, so I can start my official training on August 30th!

It so happens that a friend at work is running a 1/2 marathon the weekend of November 8th, in Maine. That is the weekend of 13 mile run in the marathon training. I am going to sign up for it!

So, this time I will have not JUST 5K races under my belt before starting the marathon.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


OK, I decided it was time to pull out the big guns for motivation - I re-read my blogs from the marathon, and then from last summer. But, i didn't blog in summer - I was too busy with weight watchers, and trying to up my running.
I have been out with the dog and wearing my garmin. I see that the distance and time I did two days ago is the same as I was all excited to be doing last May. So, I am feeling pretty good that I will be marathoning again.
Reading about the maraton day just reminded me of what a unique experience I had at the back of the pack. I think I could do without that experience again, but if I work and work, and still end up dead last, I won't be too terribly upset.
T, A, and H - you guys are incredible. You gave me so much support. I don't think I told you how much it all meant to me. (keep it up, please)
I wrote the meter blog yesterday. I have to think of things to think about when I am running - I remember that was the psychological problem with running last time.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oh those metrics

I've been wearing the Garmin when I walk the dog, and it really does motivate me to go further.

Now, I should start wearing a thermometer - no I know how hot I feel... A hygrometer - no, I can tell how hydrated (or not) I am... A pedometer! Folks who wear a pedometer walk more steps (a mile or more extra) during the day. I'm getting there...

I was recently reminded how the running reduced my readings on the sphygmomanometer. Also, it reduces the measurement on my heart tachometer. If I keep it up, I will hopefully reduce my diameter. Especially if I increase the readings on my Garmin speedometer.

PS - can you think of a "meter" to measure meters?