Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Feeling Better

Thanks for the motivation guys. I took the advice and re-read some early posts. I have come a long way, and I have learned how to better run. I laced up the sneakers - extra tight on the hurt foot yesterday and went out with the dog. We ran 1.68 miles - that is running the entire time except two VERY short times when there was an other dog or kid that we needed to walk past. It was the most I have run in a row. I have been doing the run 2, walk 3, then run 3, walk 4, run 4, walk 4, run 5, walk 5... type of running. This time, I finally ran more than one mile in one try. It was one of my strongest showings - 13:26 minute miles for 1.68 miles! My heel hurt a little at the start, but then it went away - or rather other things distracted me. Today, it feels better than before - but I haven't worn those black shoes.

In my job, we read about diabetes patients in clinical trials. They get gaping sores on their feet - and have poor circulation. You may have a drug that allows them to get better circulation so they can walk longer before having to stop (2 minutes rather than 30 seconds). BUT, the exercise of walking the extra minute can also increase circulation, so they get better. If they have a pseudo drug, that makes them think they can walk more, they walk a little more, then it helps so they really can walk more.

After the true run yesterday, my heel feels better. I have a 5K this weekend, and I am excited to run it. I think it is time for me to go back and look at new sneakers. I think, now that I am running more than walking in them, it is time to check my stride.

I will also make an appointment to talk to my doctor about inserts. I don't want to be in pain I don't have to be in. I hate the idea of using the heel as an excuse!

More later on the excitement leading up to the weekend's real race.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Runners Injury?

I dind't run much last week. The family was on vacation and we spent hours each day hiking. So, I got some miles in, but I wasn't running - the terrain was too bumpy. At the beginning of the week, my heel had hurt a little when I put pressure on it (standing, walking...) The pain kinda went away. Then, when I went for a real run - without the dog, the pain came back. It isn't like a strain that is due to low use. While learning to run, my back or calves have "hurt" - but that was due to them being used finally. The heel is a little different. I think I am about 100-150 miles into my running shoes, so it is likley time to go get fitted again. I did run again yesterday, and it wasn't as bad. But, I'd also been on my feet and gotten used to the ache all day. I guess it is time to see someone. My sister mentioned that maybe my body isn't designed to be able to run a marathon and I felt devastated. I am really working toward the goal, and I don't want to just write off the chance to run. The half marathon is closed, so the whole it what I can get to. I have pretty flat feet - which the running store guy could tell through my socks! I am hoping that maybe now that I am running, I need different shoes to correct foot placement or something. Enough negative for now.

My sis and bro just did the OKC half marathon. I am so proud of my brother - it was his first long race. I am proud of my sister because she inspired it all with the Disney marathon. Yippee and congrats!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Multi-state Relay Blog Update

Since my family has started the multi-state blog, I haven't written here much. We are recording notes to each other at: Be sure that I am recording my Garmin times in my manual running log. I do get out everyday for at least a mile, but average 2 miles, with at least two days a week being 3+ miles.

I am excited about my real 5K coming up. The 5K's I've done were real, but run by my running club. This is the first time that I am not going to know the group going.

A thought that I had yesterday - my son is playing soccer. Yesterday was the first game. They were selling t-shirts in blue, yellow and pink. The pink shirts didn't come in larger than size L. The yellows went to XL, but the dark blue when to XXL. So - no fat girls in pink. I prefer the dark blue, but as I am losing weight I am thinking that I want to wear more pink. :-) Got to get to the size though.

This past week I didn't put in as many miles. I had hurt my foot on a peice of furniture, so it was tender to wear my sneakers. But, I did a lot of cross training that didn't get counted. I have played A LOT of tag and soccer kicking. But that soccer kicking with my six year old is not just passing to and fro. It is me kick to him, then he kicks it as hard as possible and I have to chase it down the road. Great. Lots of extra running. But, I can do it now, and not get winded.

Ok, enough random thoughts. We're traveling this week, so lots of car sitting, but then we go out with the dog.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Long time no blog...

It's half way through April, and I haven't written here. I did a 5K - by using my Garmin the following weekend, and did better. I didn't have the dog run with me, and I didn't have someone else pushing me on. I beat the previous time by just under a minute (it was 41:something). I also realized, that my goal is to complete a marathon. I don't have to run the whole way. I am not going to beat myself up that I am at 13+ minutes per mile - as long aasI can keep up the pace for longer than 5K by then. I know - this sounds like I am stopping my training. I'm not.

In fact, my family has found a new way to get motivated. We are doing weekly multi-state relays. This means that one person starts running in the morning, and others join in through the day. We text each other when we are leaving, and when we get back. The first week we did longer than a marathon. The second week, we had gathered in more folks, and did a double. For example, my brother ran 8 miles in Florida, and when he finished my three sisters (2 in Mass, 1 in Kansas and none together) each left to run from 9-9:45, then a cousin in Oregon jumped on the treadmill and ran for 6 miles. After all the emails and texts were back we had 12 folks and run 40 something miles. The next week, my mom, aunts, husband and other cousins had joined by adding a mile or more each to the tally. If my aunt in Maine can do a mile, I can keep up with my 3 milers!

Also, I am officially signed up for a 5K in my town. I signed up my husband and six year old for the 1 mile fun run. It will be my first non-running club run. Also, I will be representing my running club. I hope I don't let them down. I am doing daily workouts to get my time better for the May 4th race. I am at 42 minutes for a 5K, in three weeks, I want to be at 40 minutes. It is a much hillier race course though...

Also, I am doing work outs with the 8 pound bar at the end of every other day runs/walks. I find that it is helping. During the 5K's my arms were getting tired! Imagine. Who would have thought these delicate hands could be soo heavy? Ha ha I think it is helping with the runs - we'll see this coming weekend with the family relay. I did notice that the last 5K did not wipe me out for the whole day like previous ones have. I was able to do a quick nap and stay awake most of the day.