Monday, September 14, 2009

Three more Good Ones - Greenway Challenge Watchout

4 friends and I are doing the Greenway Challenge in two weeks. It is an adventure race.
Meaning, this year there are 7 legs of the race. It is 47 miles long, and combines 3 running legs, 2 paddling legs and 2 biking legs. The purpose is to raise awareness for the BlackStone valley and what it has to offer. I am running the first and last legs. (

They don't release the race route until two weeks before the race. Well, this year, the last leg, 3.7 miles is pretty much all uphill. I decided I need to work on my hills.

I have added the treadmill to the end of my runs/walks - set it on the highest incline and plug away. After three days, I can really tell the difference in my leg muscles. I don't run the whole time, but I try to go fast. H mentioned in a previous post that she feels like a million bucks when she runs up the hills. I feel that way the day after running the hills.

We are a team that will finish, but we won't be first. I know that running for me is the challenge against myself, not competition with others. It is a nice way to replace a workout day with a race.

After I signed up, and we paid our registration, we found out who the charitable organization is... (everyone pays a registration fee, and it is used to support the course, then left over money goes to an organization that supports the BlackStone Valley). The Boy Scouts of America - Mohegan Council. This is my council! We've done a lot of work cleaning up public lands after the ice storm. Also, there is a BSA camp that is maintained.

Ok, here is the run down of the last three runs:
Friday (all treadmill)
45:00, 2.556 miles, most on the highest incline (10)

Saturday (first walked/ran with the dog, then ended with treadmill)
38:02, 2.08 miles w/dog
20:06 1.070 miles treadmill (incline 8-10)

Sunday (slow walk with the dog to warm up, then treadmill)
45:51, 2.501 miles, most on 5.5 incline

Today is REST DAY!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

3 days of running

Friday - rest day. Yippee. Only a dog walk.
Saturday, Sunday and Monday (holiday) morning - the same 2.5 mile loop mostly. Pretty good runs each day.
And - I can feel it. My IT band is tight at night. I'd forgotten about that. So, back to the funny looking stretches. But, it means I am a runner again. I know the third run day in a row is supposed to be the cross training day. Mostly I walked today, but I like the loop I've been doing. I kinda figure that was what I needed. Tomorrow rest, then Wednesday again to running after work.
These three runs were probably good because of multiple reasons - it was morning, the temps were in the 60's, not 80's like when I first started to train, I have been eating a little better, and being sure to get water the night before. By afternoon, I've had Chinese food for lunch and 8 cups of coffee. Not good to run on. I know that.

I think if I ever write a book about running, I will have to give a 24 week training plan. Last summer, I spent summer getting ready to start the 20 week plan - I did some jogging with the dog. I did weight watchers and lost some weight... I was eating healthier. This year, I am figuring I should have spent a few weeks doing that before the 20 week start.

Here's the rundown:
Current weight: 240lbs
Saturday: 2.5 miles, 39:50 (at 2.1 miles at 32:00)
Sunday: 2.72 miles, 45:50
Monday: 2.51 miles, 42:39

Friday, September 4, 2009


Yesterday's training was MUCH better. I think I just had a sucky day on Wednesday. Thursdays are supposed to be cross training, but since I walked on Wednesday, I figured I had to run on Thursday. Well, I started off getting home from work and playing tag with my son. He loves to be chased. Eventually, he changed the game to zombie tag - where I had to lurch around and drag my foot. I know it wasn't fast moving, but it was moving and giggling. It reminded me of why I want to run. It isn't the glory of the marathon. It's to play and have more fun with him. Did you know that kid zombies are allowed to run, but adult zombies have to lurch. Seems fair.

So, after playing tag, I figured I would just walk the dog and then we'd dance around at home. Instead, I started the dog walk, and ran up the first hill. My sister says to run UP the hills. You can walk anywhere else. So, I ended up doing the same route last night as the night before. But, I ran occasionally (up the hills), and I ended up feeling pretty good.

Here is the Garmin breakdown for both days. You cans ee that I wasn't that much faster yesterday with my occasional running, but the feeling was different.

Wednesday (bad day): 2.42 miles in 45:33 (average 18:49)
Thursday (good day): 2.50 miles in 44:03 (average 17:34)

So, less then 1.5 minutes faster per mile on Thursday, but it felt like a run and Wednesday felt like a whine.

Today is a rest day. So, just zombie tag and dog walk.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

19 and a half weeks to go

Yesterday was the third run day of training. It stunk. I couldn't get myself motivated to run. I started out planning to run for 40 minutes (which is the training plan). I just couldn'g get my feet to move faster. So I did my 45 minutes of "cross training" (walking) instead. I will have to run tonight, since today was supposed to be the cross training day.

I have to get my head into the run. I was reading my posts from last year - and I remember feeling that excited. I just had a bad day yesterday - I know I will get my head back soon. I just need to write about it. Last years blogs don't have any negative ones, but I am pretty sure I had crappy days then, too. I just came home last night feeling fat and stupid and not sweaty enough. Running for me is mental, so I am writing this down to get it out and move past it. I just couldn't make my feet go faster. I didn't want to hear the slapping of tummy fat on thighs, or worry about turning an ankle, or try to run until I couldn't breathe. I did have a touch of loose bowels, so I was fighting that. But, I had that on the marathon day and it didn't stop me. I need to get my mantra back out that I hate running, I hate running, I hate running. That sometimes motivates me to run.

OK, today is another day.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day three

I got my son off to the first day of school. My hubby started a job at the school today - first paid job in a while, since he is a stay at home dad. (which is the hardest job in the world, and doesn't pay in money)

I wanted to be around to talk to hubby when he got home, so I used the treadmill for my 35 minute work out. Yeah, it isn't as motivating as using the Garmin and going outside. And, hubby made it home as I finished my last 30 seconds of cool down.

I did over two miles, but not as much as the first day of training. I did a preset 30 minute work out, that involved lots of inclines. It was good - I keep hearing my sister say, "run up the hills, run up the hills". So, I tried to run when it got to 8, 9 or 10 incline. I also read on the treadmill.

I forgot that if you hit a button on the treadmill, it resets, so I am pretty sure I did 2+ miles, but I have to add two sets. Oh well. I am going to be happy I fit in a workout. It is a busy day.

Tomorrow is 40 minutes, I will do it with the dog in tow.