Monday, November 17, 2008

Running - Excuses or Reasons?

I "ran" the four miles mentioned before. My toe went numb after the 2.5 mile, again. But, I don't have an open blister. It just feels like a scabbed or hard blister area on my foot that maybe is making the toe feel numb. So, I started to wear different shoes last week during the day. On Saturday, I did four miles in the 13-mile shoes, and sure enough, after 3.5 miles, my toe felt numb. But, I had a worse injury.

On Saturday, when I got out of bed, my right ankle was having problems. About every third or fouth step, it wouldn't hold my weight. It kept feeling like I was twisting it anew. Now, I had very weak ankles before I started this running stuff. I was 260 pounds, and now at 220, I have removed ~1600 lbs of pressure off my ankles. So, it was discouraging. I put on the 13 mile shoes for the 4 mile walk. I tried to run, but every time I did, I would have the ankle twinge. But, by walking, I was sort of ok. I did four miles in a long time (~20 minutes per mile, way worse then Disney), but I did it. And, after the first mile, my ankle didn't do any twisting - unless I tried to run on it. So, i walked. And, yes my toe started to go numb, BUT, I felt like my shoes were giving me some extra support I really needed. It was very rainy and wet, so maybe that will help "break in" my shoes. I remembered that with the other pairs, I had run through rain early in each's life with me. I know - you should not "break in" new shoes - that only breaks them. But, I gotta be able to use these sneakers.

On Sunday, I woke up with the ankle almost as bad. It was supposed to be a 9 mile day. I AM committed to my long runs, but this 9-miler was to be a recovery run post-13 miles. SO, I walked the dog for two miles, then went to the gym. I lifted weights - skipping the one that requires my ankle use. Then, I did 45 minutes on the reclining bike. I had to use my ankle, but not to hold my weight. I wore an older pair of sneakers because the new ones were wet still.

Today (Monday), my ankle isn't too bad. I have had some twinges, but not nearly as bad as the weekend. Today is a rest day - only a two mile walk with the dog. No running. Tomorrow, I will do the gym again. Lifting and bike. I will do a couple of hours on the bike tomorrow. I think the 9-miler would have taken me 2+ hours, so that is how I will compensate for not running it. I need to strengthen the ankle, but not re-injure it. I don't know how I injured it in the first place.

SO, is the bike use a suitable substitute? Is the ankle just an excuse not to run, or a valid reason? I am disappointed in myself that I missed my long run. B told me that you just have to committ to your long run days and you can train for the marathon. I think I am committed. I am thinking already of the 15 miler I have to do on Sunday...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

13 mile recovery

I did the 13 on Sunday, then did 4 on Monday - as my plan said. I definitely have a blister from the new shoes and 13 miles. My foot started hurting by mile 2. My middle toe seemed to feel numb (like it did on the 13 mile run), but I think it was the position of a blister.

I walked the dog for 2 miles on Tuesday - which is a rest day. My foot hurt differently, but I could get past it. I feel rested and like it will do ok. I am excited (?!) to run today for another 4. I'll be in the 13 mile shoes tonight, and I'm interested in how they will feel. Maybe Excited isn't the right word, but I am interested in my run today.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Half Marathon - Almost

I did my 13 mile run yesterday. It didn't do 13.1, like I had planned. I made a common rooky mistake. I wore a new pair of sneakers for the first time on the run. I figured - oh, it's only 13 miles, so it can't be bad. It was aweful. They felt really stiff, and my middle toe on the right was really hurting by mile 3. I had to edit my run and my walk style. I know - I should not do that because it could hurt something else. But, I got through my 13 miles. It was the most painful run I have done to date. As soon as I got to 13.01, I stopped and took off those shoes! My feet feel fine today - and did last night as well. So, no permanent damage. I will break in the new shoes before the next really long run - 17 miles in two weeks.

I did this run a little different as well. I took the dog out first and we did 5.09 miles together. It was raining when we started, and the leaves on the ground were a little slick. I was hurting and went home after the 5 miles. I stopped to pee (I always have to do that when running I guess), then immediately got onto my home treadmill. The treadmill didn't help the pain, and I much prefer to run outside (who would have known that when i started all this?), so after exactly 2 miles in 30:02, I went back out for another 5 miles. I ran/walked to the running park that is 2 miles away. I figured as long as I could get there, I'd be forced to get more miles because I had to get back home. I did a 1 mile lap there, then headed home again. I got home with 0.94 miles left to do, so back on the treadmill. When I hit 0.95 miles, I stopped! So, I had to add my distances (twice on the treadmill, and once on the Garmin), and add my times (which my wonderful hubby wrote down from the treadmill).

I did 13 miles in 3 hours, 26 minutes! The Disney marathon requires 16:00 miles, sustained through 26.2 miles. That would be 3:28 for the 13 miles. So, I beat it by 2 minutes!!! The first mile overall was my slowest. That was the section in the woods with the dog, and I did it in ~20 minutes. (I was worried about wet leaves, and trying hard to stretch out muscles. I was damaged after last week's run, so I didn't want a repeat.) I made up the time, and my fasted mile was towards the end of the first five miles - 13:27. That was when I realized that running (instead of walking) made my toe hurt less. The last five miles had very little running, mostly walking - but that is ok for Disney.

I haven't taken an Tylenol, and I guess I won't. I like that I can recover. Everything is just stiff.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Aftermath of 10+ miles

I am feeling those miles today still (two days later). Yesterday, the day after the long run was tough. My one calf muscle is so tight, it really hurts. I was supposed to do 4 mile run, but I did a 2.5 mile fast walk with the dog - I did a lot of hills which made the calf fell better. I know - it needed a lot of stretching. T - you were so right with your note on the last post. The rest of me felt ok - a little tired, but nothing major. Just that one calf.

It is best to learn this now, though. I will have to stop to pee during the race, and I have a bunch more long runs to go before I get there. So, today is a rest day, and I will be resting - but stretching every chance I get!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

10.39 Miles

OK, I did the longest run ever for me so far. And, it wasn't a run as much as a run/walk. But, I did 10.39 miles in 2:31. That is faster than the Disney pace of 2:40 for 10 miles. I am feeling it today. Today was the first day I got a cramp while running too. I did the first 8.4 miles by myself, then I stopped at home to get the dog for his regular run. I really really had to pee too, so I STOPPED at home. Well, that quick break (all of two minutes) did me in. I was just under 14 minute mile pace after 8.4 miles. Then, my calves locked up on me. Cramp city there. It was all I could do to just let the dog pull me along.

I am feeling it now - this is what I imagine January 12th will feel like... I will be in a hot pool though. Can't wait!