Saturday, April 21, 2012

To Disney or Not To Disney

This is what happens - I get a chance to type and I put in lots of posts. 

It is time to sign up for Disney, and I need to post my thoughts.  It is the 20th anniversary, so there is a special Marathon Medal.

I loved doing the Goofy.  I really like the half, and the Goofy is not something everyone does.  But, I have yet to complete a marathon.  I should probably be smart and just sign up for the marathon and focus on finishing.  But, it may be my sister in laws first marathon, so I should probably just be her support system.  She has been mine so many times.  

I pretty much decided to sign up for the marathon.  It means I can fly in and out of Disney in a shorter time - fly in Friday and out on Monday instead of the Thursday and Tuesday that we have done in the past.  I can focus on being able to fly the day after the marathon.  But, then I want some way to support my sister...  Ideas?

Back to Work Outs

I really need to be motivated to work out I guess.  It's been three months since Disney and I have not done many work outs, and no runs.  It got busy at work, PTO, teaching, scouts, I was too tired... 

Well, this past week I have been getting to the gym, and I LOVE it.  I go when the gym opens at 5am and do 40 minutes, including some arm work.  And, the rest of the day I have had surprising energy.  I wasn't going to the gym because I was so stressed at work and felt tired, and figured I needed to get to work early and couldn't risk being tired from a work out.  Well, it turned out this week that I was able to focus better at work, and I was up as late or later every night.  Work is still really stressful, but the workout helps me deal with that stress. And, I get to eat more points!

Goofy Summary

It's amazing how fast time goes.  Since my last post I have done the All Women's and One Lucky Guy half-marathon in November, 2011, and the Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge in January, 2012.  I did the Nov race in the 3:35 I was hoping, and I loved the Goofy!!!  I didn't complete the Goofy though.

The half marathon on Saturday was great!  I finished in about 3:25, so just 5 minutes shy of the cut off time.  But, I had sooo much fun.  The Disney Races are great for entertainment, and I again had the thought - this is my hobby, so I am going to enjoy the long walk (with some running), and take as long as they let me.  Guess I don't have a super great COMPETETIVE attitude, but I sure do have fun in this life.

The morning of the marathon was very rewarding.  We had to get up by 3am for the 6am race.  We had to eat something and catch the bus to the start.  I have my favorite picture of my awesome brother and I getting ready to leave.  I have proof that I could lift my leg high.  The half marathon distance is so do-able.

I really enjoyed the first half of the marathon.  My brother and I kept catching up with each other.  We'd chat, then go separate, then meet up again.  We decided to be done at the half.  It was getting hot, we were miserable.  But, we did the half in the time limit.  We decided to keep walking until they kicked us off - as opposed to just stopping on our own.  Well, then we got close to Animal Kingdom, so we decided to speed up a little so we could at least go through the park.  As soon as we got into the park, I hit the restroom.  That definitely slowed us to the point that we were not going to make it to the end in time.  So, we were picked up at mile 18 - same place I made it the second time I tried to run the marathon.  But, we were smiling, and NOT broken!

So, this year I need to get some more marathons under my belt.  I love the half marathon distance though.  I know if I get in better shape and more marathony I can do a better job and enjoy the marathon distance as well.

My family rocks, too.  My sister in law H is so supportive.  I can't ever tell her how much it means to come around the bend at Polynesian Village and see her blonde hair and her willing to get a sweaty hug or give me whatever encouragement I need.  My cousins V and K gave me all the special encouragement I need too.  I do not have their competitive spirit, but they are willing to put up with me anyway.  And my brother is the most amazing person I know.  I didn't realize he signed up for Goofy just to encourage me.  He is such a great man.