Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Feeling Better

Thanks for the motivation guys. I took the advice and re-read some early posts. I have come a long way, and I have learned how to better run. I laced up the sneakers - extra tight on the hurt foot yesterday and went out with the dog. We ran 1.68 miles - that is running the entire time except two VERY short times when there was an other dog or kid that we needed to walk past. It was the most I have run in a row. I have been doing the run 2, walk 3, then run 3, walk 4, run 4, walk 4, run 5, walk 5... type of running. This time, I finally ran more than one mile in one try. It was one of my strongest showings - 13:26 minute miles for 1.68 miles! My heel hurt a little at the start, but then it went away - or rather other things distracted me. Today, it feels better than before - but I haven't worn those black shoes.

In my job, we read about diabetes patients in clinical trials. They get gaping sores on their feet - and have poor circulation. You may have a drug that allows them to get better circulation so they can walk longer before having to stop (2 minutes rather than 30 seconds). BUT, the exercise of walking the extra minute can also increase circulation, so they get better. If they have a pseudo drug, that makes them think they can walk more, they walk a little more, then it helps so they really can walk more.

After the true run yesterday, my heel feels better. I have a 5K this weekend, and I am excited to run it. I think it is time for me to go back and look at new sneakers. I think, now that I am running more than walking in them, it is time to check my stride.

I will also make an appointment to talk to my doctor about inserts. I don't want to be in pain I don't have to be in. I hate the idea of using the heel as an excuse!

More later on the excitement leading up to the weekend's real race.

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Tracie said...

This is SOOOO awesome, you sound right on track. You said you finally ran more then 1 mile at ran more then 1 1/2 miles. I am so impressed. At my half way point in the Marine Corps when I run my 3 miles...I try to get under 14 minutes or else I will fail....that is my cut-off. You were WELL below that. Any interest in becoming a Marine...Ha, ha, ha.
This reminds me of the movie The Karate Kid - he does odd things and doesn't realize how he's actually learning martial arts by waxing cars and painting have been hiking and playing soccer with TK and walking the dog and working on endurance and you had no idea what it had done for you - you were able to go out and run as far as you did.
You have made such a huge improvement and everybody has "down" weeks and you have previous posts that you can go back and read so that you can actually see your improvement. You are doing AWESOME!!! Keep With It!!