Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Upcoming Races

Completed my first organized 10K - it's a respectable distance, and a great step on my way to January. I have been re-reading old posts here. I feel like I was so far behind when I trained last.
I really hope to blog more about my training. For now, here is the list of organized "runs" that I have planned.

September - Jimmy Fund Boston Marathon walk (12 hours to complete)
October - Maine Half Marathon (6 hours to complete)
November - All Women and One Lucky Guy Half Marathon ("fast" course)
January - Disney Half Marathon, Disney Marathon

I would love to sign up for some run in Feb or March, since I don't want to lose my training after completing the Disney trip. However, in New England it is hard to find races in those months. Maybe I can look for a stair race. :-)

I've been using Run Your Butt Off to work on my pacing. It is a great book, and a great plan. Last time, I followed the Marathon Running for Non-Runners. It is an inspiration for those that never have run and are training for the marathon. The RYBO is good for folks that just want to start walking and then get to running. It helps that I have run a marathon before so I can work the RYBO for me.

Very disjointed - only a limited amount of time to jot down ideas.

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Hayley said...

I'm glad you like the Run Your Butt Off book! Bobby and I are also big fans. :D