Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Runners Injury?

I dind't run much last week. The family was on vacation and we spent hours each day hiking. So, I got some miles in, but I wasn't running - the terrain was too bumpy. At the beginning of the week, my heel had hurt a little when I put pressure on it (standing, walking...) The pain kinda went away. Then, when I went for a real run - without the dog, the pain came back. It isn't like a strain that is due to low use. While learning to run, my back or calves have "hurt" - but that was due to them being used finally. The heel is a little different. I think I am about 100-150 miles into my running shoes, so it is likley time to go get fitted again. I did run again yesterday, and it wasn't as bad. But, I'd also been on my feet and gotten used to the ache all day. I guess it is time to see someone. My sister mentioned that maybe my body isn't designed to be able to run a marathon and I felt devastated. I am really working toward the goal, and I don't want to just write off the chance to run. The half marathon is closed, so the whole it what I can get to. I have pretty flat feet - which the running store guy could tell through my socks! I am hoping that maybe now that I am running, I need different shoes to correct foot placement or something. Enough negative for now.

My sis and bro just did the OKC half marathon. I am so proud of my brother - it was his first long race. I am proud of my sister because she inspired it all with the Disney marathon. Yippee and congrats!


Ken said...

Could be plantar fasciitis. I have had this and eventually had to see a podiatrist and get inserts made for my shoes. Check out the link and see if it applies. If so, I recomend sseeing a podiatrist ASAP.


Hayley Eaton said...

Definitely talk to a podiatrist like Kenny said and also it could be time to just replace your shoes. You have put some miles on them. With a flat foot I hope you have the right shoes and the experts at the running shoe store can help you with that.

Don't lose hope on acheiving your goals! You can accomplish anything you put your mind to (cue Tracie here, she's better at this). Besides, running doesn't come without injury, no matter what we do. The important thing is that we persevere and come out stronger. Call me if you get discouraged and need to talk (or just call whenever).

Tracie said...

I know you are not losing motivation now - everyone has their down times or their slow weeks. That doesn't mean quit or give up or stop believing that you can do something. It just means push through the hard parts and it will get better and easier. You seek the help you need - such as the foot doctor and getting a new pair of shoes - and you continue moving forward. When you are moving forward one step at a time even if it is slower then last week - the key words are that you are MOVING FORWARD. Your quote says it all. That is one of the most inspiring quotes I've ever read.
This is a MINOR setback - do you understand?? Minor - you have your entire family across the entire United States behind you and we ALL believe in you. Do you know how many people in this world wish they had a supportive family? Besides I KNOW that it feels good to be able to do all of that hiking and soccer playing with TK. And the minute you stop exercising, it's like saying you are willing to give that up.
P - just take a minute and look what you've done - you are an MIT graduate, you are a CANCER survivor (Between 1992 and 2005 between 28 and 36 people per every100,000 died from cancer AND YOU SURVIVED), you have a family and we have this AWESOME support system thing going on here.
What I think you need is a little refreshing of the memory....you need to go back and read your early blogs. I especially like the one where you talk about shopping at Wal-Mart. You talked about sizes and how you had lost some weight and how good you felt. Every time you exercise you are adding minutes, hours, days to your life. Who doesn't want that?
See the foot doc, sometimes they can tell you stuff and make suggestions that you never even thought of. Buy a new pair of runninng shoes...not everyone runs the same. I run really, really hard. My shoes can do about 60 miles and I have to replace them. That always makes me feel better and like I'm running faster. I am a HUGE believer that everything in life is mind over matter and you can't EVER tell yourself you can't do it. OF COURSE you can do it...why wouldn't you be able to do it? I know you can do it and I'm sure everyone else knows you can too!!! There's no doubt in my mind. Don't ever give up. With the support system we currently have going on, quitting or giving up is NEVER an option...kind of like child birth - you want it over and want to quit but you know you can't.
And lastly ~ have you answered Mary's comment in the joint blog about motivation - what is your motivation - what motivates you to run? Valerie did it, I did it, Hayley did one on her blog...but have you done yours? You should write something just to see what you get.