Sunday, October 2, 2011

Loose Running Shorts

My running outfit is running shorts (tight spanex) with loose running shorts over them.  With all the water, and the camera in my pocket, the lose shorts kept slipping down.  At one point, I thought i was going to be running with shorts around my ankles.  I was getting really annoyed.  I couldn't quite tuck it into my spandex, and the fanny pack was too loose to act as a belt.  Argh!  I said, "why the heck don't them come with a draw string?!"  Then, I checked, and there was a draw string.  I decided not to tie it just yet, because I was less then a half mile from the porta-potties (there were signs telling me the porta-potties were just up ahead).  I used the facilities, and went on my way.  Then, my shorts slipped down again and I cursed no draw strings. Duh, then I remembered - I do have a draw string.  I pulled it tight, and was fabulous until the end.  When I had to use the porta-potty at the finish and forgot AGAIN that there was a drawstring and got frustrated the I couldn't get my shorts down quickly.  Running brain!!!

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Hayley said...

Gotta love how the running brain works! Lol! :D