Sunday, October 2, 2011

Maine Half Marathon

Some great signs I saw along the way...

Pookie, on a scale of 1-10, you are a 13.1.
The faster you RUN the sooner you are DONE.  (I like, the more I talk, the slower I walk.)
Run like you stole something.
Half marathon turn around point ahead.
Porta potties just ahead, do not use the woods.
Run like a mom.
Run now, beer later.
Run faster, the zombies want your brains!
Because 26.3 would just be silly.

The race is done, and I am feeling pretty good.  Very mobile at the end of the race.  It was down pour, so very very wet.  I did run across the finish - and could have kept going for another 30, 40 seconds after that.  I did get a space blanket at the end.  The lady told me I was going to start losing heat quickly.  She was right.  At the end, I was glad it was over, but bummed that I didn't do the whole.  Of course, you could tell the ones doing the whole - they were still running the last mile.  Us halves, were walking.  It was 3:30 since the start, so I was taking my time for the half, and the runners going by me were making great time for the whole.

Lots of food still availalbe at the finish.  Not very many spectators on the course.  When my brother ran the whole, there were people on all the side streets and lining the road.  Today, there were a few people peeking heads out of their doors.  There were less then 50 spectators along the course that were not volunteers.  There were a lot of spectators at the finish line though.  Also, there were a lot of volunteers.  Very good for us.

I ran/walked on a 3min/3min pace for the first 4-5 miles.  Then, I noticed the view, and started to chat with people around me.  And, I realized, this is my hobby.  A nice long walk.  I was happy to talk to anyone.  I kept a fun attitude and made jokes as much as I could.  I did eat some gu's and a fruit/nut bar about half way.  I took Tylenol after mile 12 so I could get home, because I figured I would hurt after the race.  I drank a lot of Gatorade and water.  I felt great.  I am glad I am not driving home today, since I need to stand up and stretch every thirty minutes or I will cramp up.  But, if I had to, I could have.

I have a half in another month that I will drive to and from by myself.  My mom showed up slong the route at about mile 8, and it was wonderful to give her my soaking wet sweatshirt, and the gloves.  (My fingers were pruny inside the gloves, so it was time for them to go.)  Then, I met her again at the finish line.  It was so nice to see her - such a surprise to see her on the route.  I know she was really worried about me.  I will be ramping up my training, so I will finish the November half quicker.  And, hopefully she won't worry about me being out there alone.  It is another course that is near the ocean, and is supposed to be pretty flat.  It'll be nice to have a month to recover from this one before I do another.  :-)

I want to give a shout out to my cousin.  I was wearing V Couture this morning. A nice running outfit, covered by a trash bag.  I remember she bought a fabulous new running outfit, but it was so cold, she ended up running almost the whole race in a black garbage bag.


Tracie said...

Sounds to me you're really getting the routine down of what your body needs and truly sounds as though you are enjoying yourself tremendously instead of being miserable! Love the signs you said you saw and true Tracie're awesome!

Hayley said...

I'll second that "you're awesome!" and at the risk of sounding like a broken record - you inspire me to get back to work! Those signs are great and I'm glad you could keep such a positive attitude. Just think that your talking and joking with some of the other runners may have given them that little extra motivation that they needed! Also really glad Momma could be there... and I can't wait for January 2012!! :D