Saturday, April 21, 2012

Back to Work Outs

I really need to be motivated to work out I guess.  It's been three months since Disney and I have not done many work outs, and no runs.  It got busy at work, PTO, teaching, scouts, I was too tired... 

Well, this past week I have been getting to the gym, and I LOVE it.  I go when the gym opens at 5am and do 40 minutes, including some arm work.  And, the rest of the day I have had surprising energy.  I wasn't going to the gym because I was so stressed at work and felt tired, and figured I needed to get to work early and couldn't risk being tired from a work out.  Well, it turned out this week that I was able to focus better at work, and I was up as late or later every night.  Work is still really stressful, but the workout helps me deal with that stress. And, I get to eat more points!

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