Saturday, April 21, 2012

To Disney or Not To Disney

This is what happens - I get a chance to type and I put in lots of posts. 

It is time to sign up for Disney, and I need to post my thoughts.  It is the 20th anniversary, so there is a special Marathon Medal.

I loved doing the Goofy.  I really like the half, and the Goofy is not something everyone does.  But, I have yet to complete a marathon.  I should probably be smart and just sign up for the marathon and focus on finishing.  But, it may be my sister in laws first marathon, so I should probably just be her support system.  She has been mine so many times.  

I pretty much decided to sign up for the marathon.  It means I can fly in and out of Disney in a shorter time - fly in Friday and out on Monday instead of the Thursday and Tuesday that we have done in the past.  I can focus on being able to fly the day after the marathon.  But, then I want some way to support my sister...  Ideas?

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Hayley said...

Your posts from today make me smile! :D You should definitely do one of the Disney races. I am 99% sure I will do the half. I'm trying to focus on weight loss and running a better 13.1 distance. The marathon will still be there later - maybe I can run the 25 year and get a special medal then! :D