Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Marathon on Sunday.
Monday - 1 mile slow walk, helped move a sofa, needed energy drink to get through the day, lots of stretching.
Tuesday - purposely moving more, only coffee as energy drink.
Wednesday - easy going morning at the gym.  At first, I could feel some pull in my hamstrings, but they warmed up and overall it was a good workout.  I usually do 30 minutes at level 9 or 10.  Today it was 30 minutes, but I started at 7 and worked my way up to 9 by the half way point.  Not too bad.

Got a half marathon race in 11 days, so I have to get back into it.

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Hayley said...

You are definitely getting ready for Goofy with all these races! Enjoy the Maine Half marathon with the beautiful course and great running weather. You inspire me to get back out on the road!! :D