Monday, September 7, 2009

3 days of running

Friday - rest day. Yippee. Only a dog walk.
Saturday, Sunday and Monday (holiday) morning - the same 2.5 mile loop mostly. Pretty good runs each day.
And - I can feel it. My IT band is tight at night. I'd forgotten about that. So, back to the funny looking stretches. But, it means I am a runner again. I know the third run day in a row is supposed to be the cross training day. Mostly I walked today, but I like the loop I've been doing. I kinda figure that was what I needed. Tomorrow rest, then Wednesday again to running after work.
These three runs were probably good because of multiple reasons - it was morning, the temps were in the 60's, not 80's like when I first started to train, I have been eating a little better, and being sure to get water the night before. By afternoon, I've had Chinese food for lunch and 8 cups of coffee. Not good to run on. I know that.

I think if I ever write a book about running, I will have to give a 24 week training plan. Last summer, I spent summer getting ready to start the 20 week plan - I did some jogging with the dog. I did weight watchers and lost some weight... I was eating healthier. This year, I am figuring I should have spent a few weeks doing that before the 20 week start.

Here's the rundown:
Current weight: 240lbs
Saturday: 2.5 miles, 39:50 (at 2.1 miles at 32:00)
Sunday: 2.72 miles, 45:50
Monday: 2.51 miles, 42:39


Tracie said...

See, here's the P I remember from last year getting ready for Disney. Your body and brain is starting to remember right? You are slowly getting motivated and in the mindset of a runner.... here we go... I knew you could do it, you just had to get them endorphins going. Your body misses it and is getting back into the swing of things. Way to go!!

Hayley said...

I agree with T, you're totally getting back into the swing of things! Yay for 3 good runs - and I totally think you should write a book about running!! You have enough stories/experiences and can provide lots of motivation for a lot of people!