Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day three

I got my son off to the first day of school. My hubby started a job at the school today - first paid job in a while, since he is a stay at home dad. (which is the hardest job in the world, and doesn't pay in money)

I wanted to be around to talk to hubby when he got home, so I used the treadmill for my 35 minute work out. Yeah, it isn't as motivating as using the Garmin and going outside. And, hubby made it home as I finished my last 30 seconds of cool down.

I did over two miles, but not as much as the first day of training. I did a preset 30 minute work out, that involved lots of inclines. It was good - I keep hearing my sister say, "run up the hills, run up the hills". So, I tried to run when it got to 8, 9 or 10 incline. I also read on the treadmill.

I forgot that if you hit a button on the treadmill, it resets, so I am pretty sure I did 2+ miles, but I have to add two sets. Oh well. I am going to be happy I fit in a workout. It is a busy day.

Tomorrow is 40 minutes, I will do it with the dog in tow.


Hayley said...

Yay for the first day of school - for TK and C! :D It's hardest to get in a run on those busy days - as was the case for me today - so kudos to us for geting it done! And I'm proud of you for doing hills. That's totally awesome, and you'll be a better runner for it.

Although I can't believe you can read on the treadmill, I just can't do it. Maybe it's because of my eyesight, but I just can't concentrate on the words on the page AND running! lol! (However I can read while in the car as a passenger, which most people say is weird...)

Happy running and happy feet!

What Me Run? said...

Yeah - I can read in the car too.
I was reading, and probably not as focused on the run as I should have been.