Monday, September 14, 2009

Three more Good Ones - Greenway Challenge Watchout

4 friends and I are doing the Greenway Challenge in two weeks. It is an adventure race.
Meaning, this year there are 7 legs of the race. It is 47 miles long, and combines 3 running legs, 2 paddling legs and 2 biking legs. The purpose is to raise awareness for the BlackStone valley and what it has to offer. I am running the first and last legs. (

They don't release the race route until two weeks before the race. Well, this year, the last leg, 3.7 miles is pretty much all uphill. I decided I need to work on my hills.

I have added the treadmill to the end of my runs/walks - set it on the highest incline and plug away. After three days, I can really tell the difference in my leg muscles. I don't run the whole time, but I try to go fast. H mentioned in a previous post that she feels like a million bucks when she runs up the hills. I feel that way the day after running the hills.

We are a team that will finish, but we won't be first. I know that running for me is the challenge against myself, not competition with others. It is a nice way to replace a workout day with a race.

After I signed up, and we paid our registration, we found out who the charitable organization is... (everyone pays a registration fee, and it is used to support the course, then left over money goes to an organization that supports the BlackStone Valley). The Boy Scouts of America - Mohegan Council. This is my council! We've done a lot of work cleaning up public lands after the ice storm. Also, there is a BSA camp that is maintained.

Ok, here is the run down of the last three runs:
Friday (all treadmill)
45:00, 2.556 miles, most on the highest incline (10)

Saturday (first walked/ran with the dog, then ended with treadmill)
38:02, 2.08 miles w/dog
20:06 1.070 miles treadmill (incline 8-10)

Sunday (slow walk with the dog to warm up, then treadmill)
45:51, 2.501 miles, most on 5.5 incline

Today is REST DAY!!!


Hayley said...

I am so proud of you and so excited for you!! This race sounds awesome and that's so perfect that they're supporting your Boy Scout council - talk about making the race even more meaningful! Is there any way to track you or your team during the challenge? If so, please post this info!

Tracie said...

I agree with H. This race sounds incredible. Something else to "get under your belt" just keep getting better and better. You keep broadening your horizons and you never let anything hold you back. You are truly an amazing woman and there is honestly no reason for us to motivate you because in all honesty, you motivate me!!! Way to go!