Friday, May 16, 2008

Couch Potato - on the other coast

I haven't written in a while - too busy trying to work out and balance everything else. I am travelling for work this week. I've been here for a day and I haven't gotten acclimated. I arrived at 8:30PDT, and that's 11:30EDT. Then, by the time that I got the car, checked-in, unpacked and showered... it was 11:30 local time. I woke up at 4am local time - because I am still on the other time zone. I worked from the hotel and then from the work until 6pm, then went grocery shopping and unloaded. By 7:45, I was exhausted!!! I just wanted to go lay down and sleep.

But, instead, since I hadn't done any specific exercise, I went to the pool. I did thirty minutes of walking/swimming laps. I figure, 40 steps a lap, with 30 laps, that is 1200 steps, so at least a half mile of swimming. Pretty much, 5 months ago before I started this all, I wouldn't have bothered going down to the pool. I would have sat on the couch in my room and flipped channels. Probably eaten all the snack food I bought, maybe some wine... - basically instead of exercising or getting a good night's sleep, I would have added calories and spent two hours not getting good sleep. I feel pretty good that I made a choice - and it was a difficult choice. But, at least I made it.

I will catch up on emails and group posts tomorrow. Also, I am excited about the other thing I am doing out here that is TOTALLY out of the character I used to be...
But now, I am too tired.

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Tracie said...

Swimming is a great exercise - funniest feeling is when you're in a pool and sweating...just doesn't seem right. And good for you on making the decision to exercise instead of doing the couch potato thing that the "old you" would have done. Sounds to me as though you have really got the dedication and made the lifestyle change. See how this works? This whole exercise thing just becomes a part of who you are!! That's so great. Have a good time in Cali!!!