Monday, October 20, 2008

Comparing old posts

Tracie - YOU ROCK!!! I took your advice, and went back to old posts, and then went back to look at previous race results. Here is the break down:

Feb 2 - 54:48. That was the first 5K and M&A were with me that day.
Feb 9 - 44:00. I joined the running club that day.
March 22 - 43:36.
March 29 - 42:37.
Then the race moved to another town over the summer, and I never made it to there.

October 18 - 37:59. M&An were with me that day. I also forgot how much I like to do the runs there. I need to go more often.

When I got to the t=-20weeks, I started a training plan, and I said that I wouldn't change it. I did move the rest day to Tuesday from Monday because of soccer, but I am pretty much sticking to mileage and cross train days. However, I think I need to make a change:

I think I need to move my long runs to Sundays so I can run the 5K's on Saturday. 5K is not the 4-6 miles that I am supposed to do on non-long run or non-cross training days, but the running club folks give me desire to run and do well. Also, I RAN most of the course. Given that the average speed was 12:15, and my one mile runs are 12:30, I really gave a lot to the course.

I think it will help keep my desire up, and it really pushes me to increase my speed. I am not really looking to speed the marathon, but the speed worked slightly different muscles, and I will need every muscle I can get.

What do you think? I am not trying to avoid doing 4-6 mile runs by replacing them with a 3.1 miler, but rather I am trying to boost my overall endurance.


Tracie said...

I am no marathon runner and you may need to talk to your siblings on this one - but I have known SEVERAL marathon runners in my lifetime and they all tell me that endurance is the key. It's all endurance. I also believe this to be true with shorter runs. If I haven't exercised in 2 months and then go out and try to run 3 miles right away, I feel like I'm going to keel over and die but if I give myself a week to get back up to that 3 mile mark, to build up my endurance once again, then I am good. Also, everything in life is easier when you enjoy it - so I say if you enjoy the 5K course then do that on Saturdays, not that big of a deal as long as you have a plan and are doing it, the key is you're not skipping it... I enjoy buying a pizza much more then I enjoy buying vegetables so it's much easier for me to spend money on the Pizza then it is the veggies ~same concept - if you enjoy doing something, do it. You only live once and you are doing sooo awesome at setting goals and reaching them. Way to go!!

Andria said...

You can always do a two-a-day. You should get the recommended milage in, but you can split it up and do your run in the morning and if your schedule permits, go and do an evening run. That will help to mix it up! But, if you're making sure to not short change your long runs and you are getting in another mid-distance run sometime else in the week, you should be fine. You're going to rock!

What Me Run? said...

I am working it out. The long run this week wasn't too bad. (See newest post...) I wasn't crying at the end, like I did when i did the 7 mile run. I was so happy at the end of the 7 miles, that I was crying to have made it in the time I set. This time, I ran 10+ in less than the time I had set, and it wasn't so emotional. I think I was just annoyed at the dog this time. :-)