Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's Not the Medal, It's the Journey

So, I didn't cross the finish line. But, I made it through all four parks. I have experiences that will help shape who I am in the future. And I am ready to go again.

A lot of times we start a journey and forget to enjoy the way there. I enjoyed (or hated) every step of this one. I still can't be too upset that I didn't cross the finish line. I went 24 miles before they had to tell me to leave. I didn't stop. I didn't give up. I may have been able to keep going for 2.5 more miles given an extra 15-20 minutes. (Although, at the time, I was sure it was a good medical desicion for them to take me off the course. I was very sick and may have blacked out...) I did something others haven't.

I started a journey once to get my wisdom teeth removed. The dentist mentioned one little aside thing, and it lead to my cancer being found and treated early. That was not what I thought would happen.

Last year, I took a trip to see my sister run a stupid race. I was true to myself when I told her I thought it was pretty dumb and you would never see me try to run 26.2 miles. Well, here I am having run only 24, but so proud of it, and ready to give it another try soon.

I want to capture all the little thoughts along the journey. I captured a bunch already in the blogs, but there are so many little ones. Often times (like will happen today) - I can chose to run or I can chose to write about running. I hope I get to do a little of both.


Andria said...

That's my favorite part of all this. You were the number one person last year saying "this is just dumb Andi. Why would you want to run 26.2? I'll cheer you on, but no way am I doing that." But you did it! And you have the stories to prove it. That is the important part. You can chat about nausea, portapotties, puking, gels, chaffing and all the rest of the stuff you only experience on race day. My race last year sucked! This year it was awesome. You'll have that next year too. And you'll look back on this one and see the journey that took you from 2009 to 2010, and say, "wow, I've come a long way."

Tracie said...

All I have to say is OOH-RAH!!!!!!

Hayley said...

I agree, you TOTALLY have the stories! :D And I know just what you mean about choosing between blogging about running or going for a run, there just never seem to be enough hours in a day to do both. That's why Bobby and I haven't blogged in forever, lol!