Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some Last Notes

I am definately doing it again next year.
I will be running other races this year.
I am not a half marathoner - because I can do that without much challenge. I will keep trying the marathon. I am tempted to sign up for the Goofy. But now that I am home, I am remembering that there is a lot of time and energy that goes into racing. I do have to do my job, be a mom, and a wife. But, I want the challenge...!
I checked on the marathon sight, and they do list all my chip times. So, there is proof on line that I made it to mile 20. I know I made it to almost 24. It isn't just DNF.
My cousin, who is a runner, said if she was sick, she wouldn't have run. I did run, and I did 24 miles sick. I didn't slow down so they would take me off.
I like to think that if I knew they would pull me at 24, I would have gone faster. If the medic hadn't been talking, I would have beaten the clock to pass mile 24. If I was paying attention and saw the van, I would have sprinted at 24, like I did at 22. Then I realize, the medic being there probably kept me from fainting. I remember asking her to move to the left of me so I could have the shade - what little there was from the lamp posts on the right. I think it was very smart for them to pull me when they did. I may have made it to after 24, but I could have woken up in the hospital. Or worse.
I am very grateful that I made it all the way through the four parks.
The folks inside MGM that were chearing me have no idea that I didn't finish.
Hopefully my "Cancer Schmancer" inspired someone else.
There were many others that got pulled long before me.
I heard of the Goofy Challenge runner that ran the half marathon and then got pulled at mile five of the marathon.
I met folks that got pulled at mile 16 and mile 18. At 18, the woman said, there were three state trooper cars and barricades across the route. (I just had three orange cones to vault if I had wanted to keep going.) She said there must have been at least 60 people pulled with her - they filled the bus and were going to need another.
I saw the dead last finisher - I was at the finish line walking to the rented van when they crossed. I was able to yell go runner - you made it! Then, a team in training coach sprinted up from the end and was the last to cross. Stupid real runner! Those coaches are amazing. They sprint forward and back. They yell and cheer. They drag their runners along where they have to. I couldn't do that. But, I am still 225 pounds. I am still a mom that works 50 hour workweeks, runs Cub Scouts, has an hour commute, and loves to eat. I did do 24 miles.
I remember at one point, as we were running down an overpass banked turn - I thought, Hey, I outweigh all these folks around me. I should run, becuase this is where on the course my weight helps - Gravity is my friend here. I am glad I didn't have the opposite thought on the run up the overpass hills.
I am so proud of the rest of my family that did finish!
One sister wrote "Why?" on her leg when she ran. She is an athlete, and it was her first (and she says last) marathon. I love that thought.
I think I am made for endurance. Not to rub it in - but I only had some cramps in my calves. I don't have any blisters and no chafing. I could go up and down stairs that day. I had to go back to the hotel and entertain my 6 year old. I was still able to be a mom.


Andria said...

Yay for being a Mom! You're great at it! And think of the example you are setting for him by training for this. Goofy is a lot, but I'll cheer you if you want to do it, because I know you can!

Tracie said...

Once again and to repeat what i've already said - you have the heart. That's what it's all about. There's no doubt in my mind that you can do it. Look at how much A improved her time over last year - next year that will be you. The first year is lessons learned. Now you know. Yes, you have the endurance - it's amazing what motherhood can prepare you for! I'm here to cheer you on from the sidelines - you can definitely count on me!!!

Hayley said...

I absolutely agree that you're built for the endurance, heart and body, because you're amazing. You were able to do 24 miles while extremely sick and running in VERY hot weather...and you weren't chaffed, didn't have blisters, only was a little sore, and was still able to be a Mom to a energetic 6 year old afterwards... you are TOTALLY awesome!! And next year, when you're not sick, think of how incredible it will be. :D