Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Post-Disney Run Summary (Short?)

THE RUN is done and I want to write all about it to remember it for next time. I slept deep the night of the run, then the second night was awake with all the cramps and thoughts to put into the blog. With all the runners there, we talked and talked about the race. Now, I have been home 15 hours, and attended a PTO meeting, walked the dog, helped my husband with chores... and the race seems years away. The real world comes back and the runners high and experiences fade - just with many of life's best things.

In summary: I made it to mile 24. I was on pace at mile 22, by 45 seconds (they count the time down at the mile marker for those of you not used to being at the back of the pack). I slowed down drastically after that - and I estimate that I would have finished at 7:12 to 7:15. The race very clearly states you have to maintain 16 minute/mile pace. So, you have to reach mile 24 by 6:24. It was 6:27:~35 when I got there. I was keeping a 17:30-19:30 pace after I left mile 22+. I wear a Garmin and was watching it very much during the race. (I went past mile 22 @ 5:51:~15.) **Note - those are personal times from Garmin. The official race time would be a few minutes later because I crossed the start time a few minutes after the gun.

I was the last person swept off the race course. I was exhausted, and dizzy from sun exposure. I was very dehydrated, and sick. I have already checked plane fare to OKC for the April 26th marathon there. It is a 6:30 race, but has an early start 1.5 hours earlier for slow pokes like me.

Of course, that was with the runners high. I also know there is a marathon in Lowell, Mass in October that would be fun. It is one of the fastest in New England though... And, there are a ton of half marathons.

I want to give the gory details of the race in a separate blog. Just to get the word out though: I ran 24 miles, and I had the great and unique experience of being at the end of the pack. For a short time, maybe half a mile, I was sure I would be the distinction of Dead Last Finish. And I loved the idea. I took photos during my run, got pics with Minnie and Mickie. I got through all four theme parks. I talked to many people. I wore a sign saying Cancer Schmancer 3 years Cancer-Free and I inspired others. I met a woman who was only two months cancer-free who's hair was just growing back and she left me in her dust! She inspired me.

I still think running is horrible. I hate it. The best part is when you finish a run and you are the longest away from having to run again.

I told the story to my friend - a nurse. She said running on only a turkey sandwich and half a muffin from Saturday, with neusea and diahrea for two days and vomiting a little during the run (but being affraid they would kick you out if they saw you throw up so hiding it by pouring a water over your face so you can keep going another mile) was the dumbest thing I ever did in the world. She doesn't get it. It is dumb and horrible. But, I can't wait to do it again - just 15 minutes faster next year.


Andria said...

P, you are so the bomb! You did your best and that's all you could do. Being a Mom means getting sick just after the little one, and yes, we probably shouldn't have let you attempt it. But, as runners, all I can think is we should have had you drinking Gatorade and eatin GU all day on Saturday. At least that would have been a carbo load!

I love you and you rocked it, and I can't wait to run with you next year. Did Not Finish greatly trumps Did Not Start.

Tracie said...

Dumb is definitely NOT the word I would use - motivated, goal-orientated, strong, and I could go on and on for words that I could use. There is NOTHING wrong with what you did. You know where you stand, you know what to do different next time. And last year at this time, you couldn't even run a 5K....I guess you're pretty awesome!!! Way To Go!!! I will follow your blogs through all your training for all the runs you decide to do in the future.

Hayley said...

Peanut, I am finally getting around to reading your Post-Disney blogs, starting with this one!

As always, you are such an inspiration to me. I can't believe that you manage to run with a job, husband, and kid - as Andi said, you totally rocked Disney World and DNF >> DNS!