Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Next Marathon or Half

I found a site that tells me races upcoming in my area. There is the Providence, RI race the first Sunday in May. I have to decide if I want the marathon or the half... I kinda want Disney to be my first complete marathon, but I also want to make sure I stay trained. I know it is dumb - but I kinda think of a half marathon as not much - it isn't a challenge. Of course, it is a challenge. I just don't realize it. The time limit for the marathon is 6 hours (not 7 like Disney). The half marathon is 3.5 hours - like Disney. I have to remember that I did the first half of Disney with in the time limit because I was trained for a full marathon. By May, I have to still be trained for at least a half.


Hayley said...

It would be really cool to have Disney be your first complete marathon, but of course I'll support you no matter what you decide. And I'll do my darndest to be there to cheer you on in person if you choose a different race for your first complete marathon. :D

The half isn't a challenge, but it may make you hate running less. LOL! :D That seems wierd to say, but I know you still say the best part about a run is when its over. At least when you finish a half, you'll have energy to do a lot more miles and you'll still have all those awesome endorphins, making you feel really happy about running. And like you said, it would help keep your training up.
Just my thoughts.
Happy Feet, H

Hayley said...

FYI: Just checked Disney's website, and the Goofy challenge is 65% full...just sayin. ;)