Monday, October 6, 2008

My Brother is Amazing

My Brother, B, ran the Maine Marathon yesterday. He is amazing! He is working towards the Goofy in January. Pretty amazing guy. I was able to run with him the last five miles or so yesterday. It was an incredible experience. Just what I needed to keep me on track with my training. I think I surprised my mom - I was able to keep up with him for the last five miles. But, I was hurting by the end. Not because of the run and muscles, but my under garments. I had not thought ahead and didn't plan to run with him. I just joined him at mile 21, and he let me keep going with him. I was wearing a regular underwire bra, and by the end, I was blistered and weepy. I am alergic to the underwire, and it is exacerbated when the area gets sweaty. (Does anyone else where a bra sock?) Well, it was hot, and I was keeping up with a guy- so I was sweaty. Oh well - I got my scheduled run in and had fun. Oh, B may not want to see that the post entitled "Amazing Brother" talks about sweaty boobs and bras. LOL

He finished well before the cut off time, and he is doing ok today. I loved that every hill we went up, he said under his breath, "this hill sucks". I didn't even notice one was a hill until he said it. Of course, I had only gone a mile, and he'd done 22 miles. I am sure he noticed every turn and bank of the road by then.

I was pretty happy to hear that I kept up the five miles at a pace less than 16 minute per mile for each mile. That makes me happy, because I am aiming for 16 min/mil at Disney. Also, I'd done a 45 minute stint in the pool with my son before the run, and another 45 minutes in the pool after the run. I slept well last night. I hope B slept well - not too many cramps.


Tracie said...

I totally agree, B is amazing. A marathon is sooooo something I don't want. But I am sooo proud of of you for your hidden ability you didn't even know you had. You were able to keep up that 5 miles. When you run and you are thinking about things other then how miserable and hot and tired you are, it's so much easier. Like for B and his marathon you were trying to motivate him b/c you knew he was on the last 5 miles and they had to be hell for him. That is incredible. You now know what you are capable of...that was in a normal bra...think what you could do in a normal set of real PT clothes. It's a great feeling and sense of accomplishment - even the small things of going up a flight of stairs and not being so winded.... I love looking to the little things becaus when you've never had the little things...they mean a lot. Awesome will definitely be ready for the Disney Marathon!

Hayley said...

B is amazing!! :D I'm so glad you were there to run with him and give him that support. I know he really appreciated it and loved having you there.