Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tuesday workout

We ran the 5K on Saturday, then Sunday was busy, so I only did a 1.2 fast walk with the dog. Monday I worked very late, so I didn't walk the dog at all. (I did do a lot of stairs and lifting at work...) So, last night (Tuesday), I did a run/walk 1.7 mile workout. It made me realize, I will not be running the first 0.5miles of the 5K coming up. But, I still hope to do it in under an hour again. And, I keep thinking about the course for the 5K - it didn't feel like 3.1 miles. But, it was (we clocked it with the car afterwards as well). Must have been my company keeping me from feeling it. I am going to feel it this week.
I forgot to mention that I came in 19th of 19. I was third in my class - or is it division? M was first, A was second and I was third. Maybe this week without them there, I will be first in my division. If so, I am going to post the link to the running club list!


Andria said...

Uh, I'm just going to repeat my favorite saying, but I'll use abbreviations just to mix it up:
DLF beats DNF which trumps DNS.

Anonymous said...

I've been doing lots of research about training for a marathon/race. The number one piece of advice is to GO EASY. The term "No Pain No Gain" is totally wrong. You are reconditioning your body to deal with the change in lifestyle. Your bones are getting thicker and stronger. Your muscles and tendons are building up. and growing. Your heart is figuring out how to deal with all of this and if you push too hard it can be a major problem. Sooooooo. I think it's a great idea to NOT run the first .5. Build up to it. Run between phone polls. Push your self. But only push gently. I am so proud of you!
(I hope you know I am saying this to you so I can remind myself! Pacing is my biggest challenge.)

SargeInNorman said...

Congratulations on getting back out there this week, and furthermore going it alone--in theory. Although you may not have your buddies M and A, they, along with A, H, and me are all there with you in spirit. We will be thinking of you. Keep us informed how it goes. This weekend I am beefing up my long run to 4 miles.