Wednesday, March 19, 2008

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For the fourth week in a row, it was snowing on Saturday morning. I was all pshyched to run in the rain - because like you all said, I'd be soaked anyway. I talked with my friend, and she is super supportive for me to meet the goal, and so run alone. She even mentioned that we would be driving together, so that was enough time to talk. We are going to set up Sunday mornings to go to a 2 mile loop path - so that's great. But, it wasn't raining on Saturday morning. It was heavy ice - not snow, not sleet, but ice. I went out to get the paper and everything was glazed over and slick. Then, my husband decided I wasn't going - we saw a sanding truck go down the road. So far this winter, we have seen it twice. It has to be pretty bad for us to see it.But, I got my garmin 205 this Monday. It is a big motivator - I want to see how long I can keep up the pace I have. Also, I can now get a accurate milage total. I did 3.1 + miles yesterday - to make up for Saturday. I didn't run it all - I had the dog, and he makes it more effort to run. But, I kept up the 16 minute mile pace that I really wanted to hit. Here's the breakdown:Mile 1 - 15:54Mile 2 - 32:00 (Almost didn't make it, but the milage changed as the number was still on 32:00)Mile 3 - 47:56After mile 3, we walked another 0.34 miles - to cool down and let the dog finally sniff Everything.I found that I focused on hitting a new 0.25 miles every four minutes. It made me run more to be sure to hit the times. And now, seeing what is really 3 miles around here, I know it is the first time I have done three miles around home. But, it was nice to see that what I have been calling the 1.3 mile loop came in at 1.36 miles. I haven't been too far off on my estimation(based on driving most of the route).I was interested in the 16 minute mile because that is what Disney requires. SO, I can do it for three miles, now I just have to be able to do it for another 23.2.And, I know that I will eventually have to tell my best running friend that I have to run without him - the dog.I was feeling very off track (excuse the pun) on my training, but yesterday's run really helped get me back. I have less than two weeks to the goal of running the whole way. And, I am committed to doing it.I have added some lifting to my daily routine. I have a bar that I lift - I know it is missing weights, but it is heavy to start with. And, I have to get some muscle in these girly arms just to start. It is more environmentally friendly than my half gallon jugs of milk.


IM Able said...

Yeah! Deciding to brave the elements (when they're safe!) is half the battle. So just think..this weekend you won half the battle and didn't even leave the house! Next time it rains, you'll be glad it isn't ice and grab the leash without a second thought!

I think you'll be able to make your 2 week goal if you stick with it. And the muscle building is important, too! Way to go!

Ken said...

I am glad tyou are ennjoying the Garmin. That is one thing I bought that I never looked back and questioned the expense. Vivkie and I share the one we have. Interestingly enough.........several Disney Marathoners that used the Garmin have charted a 26.7 mile route.

Andria said...

Yay for the Garmin! It really is great because you can just go and not have to think "okay, this street is this distance, but if I go here it's this far." I'm still learning all the cool stuff it has, but that's all the fun!

I'm glad C made the call for you not to run. Sometimes we just can't make the decision on our own. Now you're getting into the spirit!