Friday, March 28, 2008

Quick Friday Weather Update

Well, it is Friday morning. It is pouring and cold outside. 10 miles west of here it is snow/rain mix. 12 miles west of here is where tomorrow's 5K race will be. The rain should turn to snow overnight. And it should be done snowing by morning. It may hit 50 degrees by tomorrow afternoon. I'll be out there running no matter what - even if we get 6 inches of snow, or if it is 50 degrees at 8am tomorrow.

I have made much more effort to drink water, and avoid alcohol and caffienated coffee (I have to at least have decaf). Tonight, I'm planning to eat the last of the Easter Ham and a baked potato. My sister A reminds me that you don't have to eat the pound of spaghetti to carbo load. I'm not feeling so dehydrated today (the day before the race), but I think I will get better.

No weight loss this week. I am stuck nicely at 225 pounds. (This is my wedding weight, and lower than my pre-baby weight. I am happy with 225 - for now.) With the running and weight lifting I've added, I find I am hungry again. I have been eating more than when I was sticking strictly to weight watchers, but I am eating healthier than before. I'm not finishing the day with 5 scoops of ice cream, but I may have a scoop of light ice cream or ff/sf pudding. It is more like, for breakfast I eat an oatmeal AND a yogurt AND an orange AND a bowl of dry cereal. Previously, breakfast would have been just one of those. Or before WW, it would have been McDonalds.

I am still trying to keep to the WW plan, but the past three weeks, it has been extra hard. I have to work out the points I am earning. Because I think I am earning more points with excercise then I think. Extra eating, but no extra weight gain. Also, after losing 35 pounds, I want to settle for a little time. Then, I can jump start the next 10% weight loss. Imagine, if my initial training is 25 pounds more than what I will have when it is time to run the marathon!


IM Able said...


You're going to do so well tomorrow. I can feel it! Smart planning with the extra hydration and smart prerace eating. I'm sure you're going to find both push you through with less fatigue tomorrow.


Ken said...

35 lbs. - That is awesome! How is the Garmin working out? I emailed Mr. Balentine about the Warren Bishop run. This is the race where the HA alumni run against the current X-country team It is 8/23/08. If possible you should make the trip up to the big HA.

Tracie said...

I don't remember - does it ever stop snowing in New England?? Because in Texas and the rest of the south as I'm sure K and A and B can tell you we are already up to 75-80 degrees almost everyday. And don't focus on the weight. If you are doing everything that you're supposed to - meaning the exercise, eating right then the weight WILL come off - it's the way life works!!!! And the foods you are eating are fine - just b/c your are eating all of those things for breakfast, your body NEEDS fuel and they are all HEALTHY foods so you are definitely doing the right thing. Focus on your training and doing what your're supposed to don't be focusing on the negative - that does nothing for a positive mindset. You're doing AWESOME!!!!

Andria said...

You are doing awesome! You definitely need to re-do the diet when you start working out so much because your body is used to what you ate when you were sedentary, but now you are using much more energy. I am trying to do better with the healthiness of my eating, but if I'm hungry I'm gonna eat something. We need to be fueld for our runs, but we can fuel up with healthy stuff. Good job realizing this early on!