Monday, March 24, 2008

Runners are Great

I recently posted on my sister A's page about offering encouragement to people. She told that story of two women that she met on her run who cheered her on. Very random encouragement. I said we should all make an effort to cheer on someone we don't know. Yesterday, in the mail, I got an article from someone I have never met. When I volunteered at the 30K race, someone there set us up by email because we live in the same town and she has run Disney twice. We've emailed a bit. Well, she was reading an article, and thought of me. She looked for my address on line and shipped me the magazine. She had an old address - but the wonderful mailman we have from the old place brought it by.

Runners are great! All of us are really encouraging.

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Andria said...

It really is a great group to be a member of. Kind of like knitting, when you find someone who does it, it doesn't matter where you are skillwise, you are automatically accepted in the group. It's great!